About Us


Founded in 1984, Refractron has a diversified team of chemists, engineers, material scientists, as well as experienced administrative, manufacturing, sales and marketing personnel.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement and have a certified Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The company’s 95,000 square foot headquarters is located at:

5750 Stuart Avenue
Newark, New York 14513
(east of Rochester)

Refractron continues to invest in people, technology and equipment to lead the way in industrial ceramics. We manufacture desiccants, porous and structural ceramics for a wide range of applications. Our team has experience providing solutions for some of the world’s most challenging processes. To service the needs of our customers, our facility is outfitted with an array of advanced equipment to produce one-off prototypes or  high-volumes.  Examples include a materials testing lab and a comprehensive machine shop containing advanced CNC equipment.

Industries supported but not limited to:

Aerospace Filtration Metal Refining Refrigeration
Chemical Processes Fracking Mineral Processing Waste Water
Food & Beverage Medical/Dental Oil & Gas Wire Manufacturing