Aluminum Oxide Porous Ceramics

aluminum-oxide_200Aluminum Oxide - AF Series is the predominate material, for standard applications, in the range of Refractron’s porous ceramics. The strong, uniform porous ceramic has 40- 50% open porosity with a tortuous pore structure and is available in pore sizes ranging from 0.25 to 90 microns in both monolithic and membrane form.

The material is produced by bonding Aluminum Oxide particles using high performance glass that has a material density of 2.2 g/cc, a maximum operating temperature of 1400 F (800 C) and a Flexural strength (M.O.R.) in the range of 1500 to 4000 psi. The Thermal expansion (C.T.E.) is 7 x E6/ degree C. This Aluminum Oxide porous ceramic is naturally hydrophilic.

Aluminum Oxide porous ceramic is used in general applications and is stable over a wide pH range, with very good resistance to solvents and all acids except phosphoric and hydrofluoric. The advantages of porous ceramics are that they are not only mechanically strong but inert and can be cleaned and reused in many process applications. Porous ceramic is used in tough applications to replace porous metal or as an alternative to plastic or fabric media.

The range of Aluminum Oxide porous ceramic products includes:

  • membrane and monolithic tubes
  • discs
  • plates where tightly controlled pore size and porosity is critical

Filtration is a common application where Aluminum Oxide porous ceramic is used for:

  • liquid backwash
  • solvent filtration
  • coalescing
  • solids recovery in chemical process, water and mining industries

Diffusion or sparging using porous ceramics to produce fine bubbles is a common application as high gas transfer efficiencies are be achieved with the uniform pore structure. This material is an excellent choice for ozone diffusion, since this material is inert to the strong oxidizing effects of ozone which destroy most non-ceramic materials.

Refractron Technologies Corp. is a leading manufacturer of technical ceramics. Products include both controlled porosity and densely structured ceramics designed to meet requirements specified by our customers for durability, chemical, corrosion and wear resistance, toughness, and density.